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Skin Care

Refine Your Outer Beauty with Studio J.


Using innovative products that combine the healing properties of plants, science and innovation, our skin care services will enhance your beauty and put a contented smile on your face.

Following a personalized analysis, our Studio J specialist, will assist you in determining which innovative treatment and products best suit your skin-care needs. We understand the value of each person’s skin, and we know how important it is to treat each person individually. 

At Studio J, we use the new personalized facial diagnosis method. This exclusive system allows us to create a customized beauty treatment plan, guaranteeing the best results. 

Step 1: IDENTIFIES skin areas requiring improvement.

Step 2: PROVIDES the best treatment for each customer.

Step 3: GUARANTEES the best results to suit the needs of each customer.


Which 7 parameters are analysed?

1. Sebum (skin type)


3. Pores.

4. Pigmentation.

5. Wrinkles.

6. Impurities.


Are you ready? 

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