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Megan by Skeyndor

$300.00 + GST for face & $320.00 + GST for Body

90 minutes

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Our MEGAN system brings extraordinary cell regeneration from the deepest layers of the skin tissue on both your face and body, using a groundbreaking combination of technology!

High Frequency RF heats up subcutaneous tissue to activate collagen and elastin production, circulation, and increase the absorption of active ingredients.

Dermaboost uses low and medium frequency currents. Hydroelectroporation currents, specially adapted for the MEGAN system, create micropores in the cell membrane and improve the introduction of active ingredients.

LED Light therapy is a conversion of electrical energy into light. When used with a specific concentrate, formulated using a cosmetic drone technology, it assists with pores, brightness, blemishes, firmness, wrinkles and flaccidity.


- Active Skin Lifting: Uses a Botulin-like effect with a Pro-elastin formula and organic Silicon to restore appearance of Expression lines, lax skin and redefine facial contours.

- Active Skin Replenisher: Uses a Hydro filler drone to saturate the tissue with endogenous Hyaluronic acid, fortified with Procollagen peptides and a lipofiller. This treatment enhances skin firmness, thickness and density, leaving a natural filler effect!

- Active Skin Corrector: Formulated with a Tone Corrector drone and other depigmenting agents to repair cellular DNA damaged by the sun and free radicals.

- Active Skin Brightener: A brightening drone illuminates the skin and protects from premature skin aging triggers and leaving you with a bright & radiant appearance.

- Active Skin Refiner: Cares for the skins surface, removing impurities and reducing greasy shine. The repair drone targets sensitive or inflamed skin and refines the appearance of open pores, reduces sebum production, soothes and moisturizes.

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