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Skin Care consultation


30 min

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Skin Care Program Consultation - 30 minutes - $30

In this consultation we will do a close-up analysis of your skin and discuss in detail your concerns and goals. 

We will provide you with a quote for a skin care program to best meet your needs which will include both facial treatments and home care for best results. 

The consultation fee will be applied to the purchase of the treatment package.


Customised skin diagnosis system.

For creating customised beauty treatment plans to guarantee optimum results.

– IDENTIFIES skin areas requiring improvement.

– PROVIDES the best treatment for each customer.

– GUARANTEES the best results to suit the needs of each customer.

Which 7 parameters are analysed?

  1. Sebum (skin type) Hydration.

  2. Pores.

  3. Pigmentation.

  4. Wrinkles.

  5. Impurities.

  6. Keratin.

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