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ProBiome Peel by Skeyndor


Varies - Up to 90 minutes

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Introducing PROBIOME PEEL, the professional range of advanced care chemical peels that accelerates skin regeneration and restores the skin microbiome.

This safe and innovative professional treatment features a multibiotic complex that rebalances the microbiome and restores the skin after deep exfoliation.

What to expect:

Each peel is customized to suit your skin type and to meet you desired goals. Before each treatment, we will choose between 5 concentrates, each with a different combination of 13 acids, (35% to 40%) with a pH of 3.0.

  • HYDRA SOOTHING PEEL for sensitive skin.

  • ULTRA ILLUMINATION PEEL for dull skin lacking radiance.

  • AGE SMOOTHING PEEL for photo-aged skin with signs of aging, wrinkles and/or sagging.

  • ADVANCED LIGHTENING PEEL for pigmented skin.

  • PORE POLISHING PEEL for oily and/or impure skin.

$180 per treatment - this price includes a POST-PEEL PROBIOME 7 day restoring treatment kit for you to take home.

Amazing results after just one treatment but a series of up to 4 peels 3 to 4 weeks apart will help you reach your desired goals.

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