Skin Care

Skeyndor Facials & Skin Care - spa downtown Edmonton

Skin Care Program Consultation - 30 minutes - $30

In this consultation we will do a close-up analysis of your skin and discuss in detail your concerns and goals. We will provide you with a quote for a skin care program to best meet your needs which will include both facial treatments and home care for best results. The consultation fee will be applied to the purchase of the treatment package.

Custom Facial Treatments

Custom Facial: Whatever your skin needs, we have a facial for you! Talk to our Estheticians about your skin care goals and let us help you choose the facial that is right for you – 1.5 hours – starting at $95.

Deep Cleansing Facial: All about extractions for a deep, deep clean. Extractions can be added to other facial treatments if you are looking for other benefits also - 1.5 hours – $98.

Urban Facial: Need a minute of relaxation? Why not take 60 and refresh your skin at the same time. This is also a great choice for men as an introduction to facial treatments – 1 hour - starting at $87.

Adolescent Facial: It’s not easy being a teen, but our adolescent facials go a long way toward making it better! A facial that helps control, prevent and heal acne pimples – 45 minutes – $80.

'Chill-out' Facial: Includes cleansing, exfoliation and face massage - 30 minutes - $60.

Flash Facial: Perfect if you're on the go and you and your skin are in need of a little TLC. Your flash facial is FREE with the purchase of a My Mask and UNIQCURE ampoule pack to help create your own spa day in the comfort of your home - 20 minutes - $50.

Specialty Facial Treatments

Your Esthetician will help you choose the best treatment for your desired results. Enjoy!

Sensitive Recovery Treatment: Calming & hydrating - done in a series will help repair damaged skin and rosacea - $98.

Clear Balance Acne Treatment: For all ages - hormonal, oily, acneic and/or seborrheic skin - $100.

Derma Peel Pro TIMELESS or BRIGHTENING Treatment: One of our most popular treatments - the Derma Peel is indicated for: aged skin, acne marks, scars, open pores and thickened sun damaged skin. The Brightening facial adds focused on overall brightening and whitening pigmentation marks - $125.


Power C+ Brightening Treatment: The most powerful anti-oxidant combination ever created - Vitamin C derivative + pomegranate HG extract - done in a series you will improve the tone, firmness & radiance of your skin - $110.

*Power Hydro-Dynamic Treatment: *Award Winning product line* - Improves wrinkles caused by dehydration, ultra-moisturizing in one session & has continuous hydration that last - $110.

Power HA Eye Contour and Eyelash Treatment:  This is a full facial that's focus is to rejuvenate the eye contour and strengthen your eyelashes - $90.

Power Retinol Skin Repair Treatment: Its mission is to rejuvenate skin that is aged due to natural causes or exposure to the sun (photo-aging). It is also an excellent treatment for reducing dark marks caused by acne - $120.

*NEW* Power Oxygen Treatment: Ideal for suffocated or stressed skin living in urban city surroundings. Its carefully studied formulation allows perfect oxygenation of the skin and protection from ageing in urban settings - $120.


*Corrective Filler Treatment: *Award Winning product line* - quickly reduces wrinkles - $135.

*Eternal Treatment: *Award Winning product line* - helps bring young cells to life not yet damaged by age - $135.

*Anti-Gravity Lifting Treatment: *Award Winning product line* - Firms, lifts & adds fullness to the face - $140.

Skeyndor's Skin care for Men - spa downtown Edmonton

Men's Skin Care

Energizing Facial: Brings tired, stressed skin to life - $110.

Hydrating and Oil Reduction Facial: $110.

Essential Men's Shave: Let him enjoy a wonderfully close shave performed by an expert for a change. Good enough for Al Capone and Donald Trump. Very relaxing – 45 minutes - $70.

Deluxe Men's Shave: Add a skin exfoliation and mask... now you’re talking. The men's shave is a great way for your man to use a Studio J Indulgence card and feel like the CEO of his own life. Also consider shaves and urban manicures for groom and grooms-men on the morning of the big day – 60 minutes - $85.