Hands, Manicures and Nails - downtown Edmonton spa


urban manicure: Perfect for that busy urban professional! A quick, customizable manicure, good for maintenance of healthy, beautiful nails – 30 minutes – $39.

essentials manicure: Enjoy a thorough manicure including hand and arm massage, nail shaping, cuticle trimming and polish application – 1 hour – $52.

deluxe manicure: The best manicure you’ll ever have! A very thorough manicure that includes hand and arm massage, exfoliation and paraffin treatment, nail shaping, cuticle trimming and polish application – 1.25 hours – $68.

gel polish manicure: All the other manicures are jealous of gel polish, and they should be. There are beautiful colour choices, it dries instantly and lasts up to three weeks. All of this without any damage at all to your nail plate - 45 minutes - $52; with removal - 1 hour - $62.

polish application - $25.

gel polish removal - $20.

add gel polish: If you are in need of a more thorough manicure and can not do without a hand and arm massage, consider adding gel polish to Studio J's Essentials or Deluxe manicure treatments - $20.

add gel polish removal to any manicure - $15.

add french polish - $15.

add nail art or bling - starting at $1.

add scrub and paraffin - $20.

Classic french with bright white and light pink Polygel.

New - Polygel Nails


Here is low down on POLYGEL...

It's not an acrylic, not a hard gel, Gelish PolyGel combines the best of both in a revolutionary system that's undeniably better!

* Lighter than hard gels and acrylics.
* Stronger than hard gels.
* No monomer odor.
* No Airborne dust.
* LED cured.
* Nail extensions are possible, like hard gel and acrylic.
* Polygel is a permanent nail like hard gel and acrylic and does not soak off.


full set with extensions - $85

overlay - $75

refill - $70

add french polygel - $20

add french fade - $50

add gel polish to polygel service - $10