Make-up by Amanda Kirk

Make-up, Tinting & Eyelash Treatments


Ever wonder why movie stars don't do their own make-up? An expert sees the beauty within and knows how to bring it out. Special events like weddings and parties feel even more special when you can sit back and relax while someone else does all the work.

make-up application – $70
make-up lesson – $100
make-up consultation – $85
Strip lashes can be added at an addition cost.

Tinting & Eyelash Treatments

eyelash tint: An eyelash tint is fantastic for those who can't or don't want to wear mascara. Also consider it if you're a regular gym goer or planning a beach vacation - half hour – $35.

eyebrow tint: The eyebrows create a frame for your eyes. Not only the shape but also the colour are very important in bringing out their natural beauty - 15 minutes – $21.

eyelash & eyebrow tint: Get both done at the same time and save – half hour – $50.

eyelash perm or lift: Throw away your lash curler. A perm will give you the perfect curl and a lift will lift your lashes up without the curl. It last approximately for 4 to 8 weeks and we will help you decide which is best for you! It's one of my favourite treatments combined with an eyelash tint. And for an added bonus... for those with heavy eyelids, it gives an instant lift for younger & brighter eyes - 1 hour - $70.

eyelash perm or lift + lash tint - $95

eyelash perm or lift + lash and brow tint - $110