Body Treatments

Spa Senses Skeyndor - spa downtown Edmonton
Spa Senses body wraps by Skeyndor - spa downtown Edmonton
Spa Senses by Skeyndor - spa downtown Edmonton


Spa Senses by Skeyndor.

How does one describe these body treatments designed by Skeyndor? Relaxing, energizing, revitalizing, mineralizing or detoxifying are all fantastic words to describe these special treatments.

As a person providing these services and as a person receiving them, the way I choose to describe them is... beautiful.

Spa Senses uses ancient oriental wisdom.
Gemo-Thermal: The regenerating effect of water and minerals.
Botanical Spice: The energy of nature is hidden in the souls of plants.
Oriental Senses: Based on the Ayurvedic philosophy, man is body, mind and spirit.

The experiences: Well-being Rituals

sapphire experience: spa senses revitalizing treatment  – 1.5 hour - $175 - Let yourself be seduced by a silky wrap with sapphire micro-particles that will leave your skin sparkling, supplying vitality and dynamism. This experience is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from stress.

sapphire hands & feet experience: spa senses relaxing and revitalizing treatment  – 1 hour - $115 - This invigorating wrap of the hands and feet improves the muscular system and stands out for its softening and soothing capacity.

anti-fatigue experience: spa senses mineralizing treatment - 1.5 hour - $175 - Enjoy this beautiful wrap enriched with hematite, also know as the iron rose, with healing and regenerating properties and with the capacity to activate micro-circulation.


full body exfoliation – $65