block party

Nice to See You: Sidewalk Opening!

Friday May 31st, 2013
12 - 3 pm
100 – 100A street & Jasper Avenue

Jasper Avenue revitalization and LRT repairs may not be complete (work continues on the South side of the street), but speaking from the North side of Jasper Avenue...


Some of us were here before Jasper Avenue looked like something out of a war zone. Studio J, Design Group and Crepe Symphony are happy to be seeing the light after such a long haul. Also during the madness, several brave entrepreneurs opened their doors well hidden from sight. The Underground Tap and Grill, Ricci Hair Co. and De Dutch Pannekoek House would love to make a formal introduction.

We are inviting you to drop by between 12 and 3 pm for tasty samples, product deals, nail polishing and information on all that we have to offer.

If you haven't already, you can also take a closer look at the 1st phase of Jasper Avenue's fabulous revitalization. We're all looking forward to seeing everything when the iconic street is complete.