Celebrating 10 years of business, Studio J style!

Thank you so much from the Studio J family.

Studio J turned 10 years old on April 10th, 2011!

It seems like only yesterday that I opened Studio J's doors for the first time. I remember it quite clearly... April 10th, 2001, and such a small space compared to where we are now. I was very nervous and very excited. My "cool" painted concrete floors had been given a second gloss top coat just 48 hours earlier and they were not quite dry yet. I was warned this might happen but I took my chances because I wanted everything to be just right. So I spent the first half of the day sliding around in white terry booties, hoping that those who came in didn't think I was nuts. I also remember clearly my very first customer. She stopped in hoping for a quick eyebrow wax and has continued coming to Studio J for brow waxes and much more ever since. As an esthetician, this is the best compliment I could ever receive. I get teary just thinking about how fortunate I am, Studio J is. Thank you Sue M. for being Studio J's first and for 10 years of loyalty, support and friendship.

Susan was the first, but there have been so many more of you since. You know who you are. Claudette, Lynn... you've been with me forever following me from my home based salon. You both "Rock" and you know it! Cindy we all love you at Studio J, we can't help it. Lovely Lorna, oh-so-fine Caroline, tremendous Teresa, incredible Ilda, crazy Christine, foxy Roxy, I can't stop...

What about the families? We have been so fortunate to get to know individuals so well. But we have been even more fortunate to get to know entire families, whether they be an office family or mom, dad, daughters and sons. Actually... this may be the best compliment I and SJ could ever receive.

Something else I love is that our quests have gotten to know each other over the years and have become "SJ friends". It's great that they are so comfortable here and with each other. At Studio J everyone really does know your name. Cheers! to all of you.

Thank you for the last 10 years and here's to the next 10!

Look Good. Feel Good. All Good.
Jillian Kaliel

That was then...

That was then...

... this is now.

... this is now.