Home Massage Technique

Before beginning the massage it is important to cleanse and tone the skin thoroughly. Apply the cream or ampoule of your choice over the face, neck and chest.

  1. Cross your arms over the chest and use flats of hand to move slowly up across the chest towards the neck. Gradually work upwards massaging the neck area.

  2. Push the palms up towards the ears on the underside of the jaw line and bring back over the top of the jaw and back down towards the chin to help break up fat deposits.

  3. Pinch up around the jaw line squeezing firmly as you go without dragging the skin.

  4. Place thumbs firmly underneath the tip of chin. Rest index fingers just above top lip and move fingers around the mouth firmly.

  5. Place tongue under lip line to make it taut and massage in tiny circles with middle finger.

  6. Massage naso labial line (corners of nose to corners of lips)  in tiny circles with middle finger.

  7. Place index finger in the dimple at the side of the base of the nose. Make tiny circles up the side of the nose and sweep up over the bridge and pull finger down to the tip of nose.

  8. With the pads of three fingers stroke from the side of the nose under the cheek bones to the ear.

  9. Place hands on each side of the nose. With firm even pressure move each hand outward towards the temples and ears - during this movement the palms should be pressing against the lower part of the face.

  10. With the middle finger perform gentle strokes from inner eye towards the ear on the lower eye area.

  11. Place ring finger on the inner edge of eye socket and make tiny pressured movements around the sockets towards ears.

  12. Pinch gently but firmly all along eyebrow.

  13. Slide 3 fingers up central frown lines to hair line.

  14. Slide three fingers from in between eyebrows to outwards and upwards.

  15. Slide three fingers from the centre of forehead outwards to the temples.

  16. FINISH – sweep hands up side of nose through middle of forehead and down the hairline past temples to the jaw line.

Look good. Feel good. All good.

Jillian Kaliel